In this article, we will discuss how to convert a dictionary object into JSON in python.


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight format to interchange data. It is the text form of a javascript object. The key is of type “string “with double quotation marks and values can be string, number, nested json or array of the same.

{ "lang": "python", "version": 3, "website": "" } 


Dictionary in python is a mapping between key and value. Key can be a single-quoted string or hash object and the value can be almost any data type supported in python.

{ 'category': ('programming', 'coding') } 

Convert Dictionary to JSON

Python comes with an inbuilt module ‘json‘ to work with JSON. All we need is to import it in our program and use json.dumps() which takes a dictionary object as parameter and returns the corresponding json string object.

import json

dict = {'lang': 'python', 'version': 3, 'website': ''}
json = json.dumps(dict)



{"website": "", "version": 3, "lang": "python"}

Now you can easily transfer data as JSON string.

Convert JSON to Dictionary

Sometimes you also want to convert a JSON string to python dictionary in order to parse or extract data. json.loads() method of ‘json’ module can convert a JSON string back to a dictionary object.

Let’s see an example in python.

import json

JSON = '{"website": "", "version": 3, "lang": "python"}'
DICT = json.loads(JSON) #str into a dict



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