6 Jobs You Can Land If You Know Python

1. Python Developer

This is the direct job you can get if you know Python. In this you  get to develop websites, apps, and algorithms using Python language and frameworks.

2. Data Analyst

Companies are looking for data analysts who can sift through large sets of data. One way of doing this task is by using Python libraries such as Pandas and SciPy.

3. Product Managers

Product Managers are one of the well-paid jobs in the IT industry. Because nowadays data plays a huge role in their work, companies are looking for Product Managers who know Python.

4. Educator

With the boom in programming jobs, more people are learning programming online or offline. Because of this colleges and online coding boot camps are seeking for educator who can teach programming. 

5. Data Journalist

Data Journalist uses data to tell stories. Because data can be easily processed using Python, they are in demand in the job industry.

6. ML/AI Engineer

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence engineers use Python to process data and create ML models. With a background in ML you can easily get high-paying jobs/

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