Learn Python programming from beginning to advanced. Understand each basic concept of python language like OOP, inheritance, data structures, python statements, methods, function, operators, exception handling, etc.

Language: Python 3

Object and Data Structure

  1. List
  2. Dictionary
  3. Nested Dictionary
  4. Tuple
  5. Set

Python Statements

  1. While Loop
  2. For Loop
  3. If-elif-else
  4. Single Line If in Python
  5. Range
  6. List Comprehension
  7. Break, Continue, and Pass Statements in Python

Methods and Function

  1. Methods
  2. Functions
  3. Lambda Expression
  4. Static Method & Class Method
  5. *args and **kwargs

Object Oriented Programming

  1. Class and Objects
  2. Inheritance in Python
  3. Pointers in Python
  4. Class and Instance Variable

Exception Handling

  1. Try Except Finally

Built-In Methods, Statements

  1. all()
  2. int()
  3. isinstance()
  4. getattr()
  5. yield
  6. pass
  7. strip(), lstrip() and rstrip()
  8. round()
  9. zip()
  10. enumerate()

How to?

  1. How to Check If a String is an Integer in Python?
  2. How to Read PDF File in Python?
  3. How to play mp3 in Python?
  4. How to convert Dictionary to JSON in Python?
  5. How to Download Files from Web using Python?
  6. How to fetch Twitter tweets in Python?

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