Learn C++ programming from the basics. Each topic covers different concepts such as Classes, Objects, Variables, Strings, Functions, Object-Oriented Programming, Pointers, etc in depth.

Every tutorial contains examples and is easy to understand.


  1. Constructor and Destructor
  2. Copy Constructor
  3. Constructor Initialization List
  4. Delegating Constructor

Abstraction and Encapsulation

  1. Encapsulation in C++
  2. Abstraction in C++
  3. Static Variable in C++
  4. Static Function in C++


  1. Polymorphism in C++
  2. Function Overloading
  3. Constructor Overloading
  4. Function Overriding and Virtual Function
  5. What is Pure Virtual Function?
  6. Pure Virtual Function and Abstract Class
  7. Virtual Destructor
  8. Override Keyword


  1. Inheritance in C++
  2. Single inheritance in C++
  3. Multiple inheritance in C++
  4. Multilevel inheritance in C++
  5. Hybrid inheritance in C++
  6. Virtual inheritance in C++
  7. Friend Function and Friend Class in C++


  1. Malloc vs New Operator in C++
  2. Operator Overloading in C++ (Unary & Binary)


  1. What is Recursion?

File Handling

  1. File Handling: Read a Text File
  2. File Handling: Write in File

Exception Handling, Smart Pointers, Pointers & Reference

  1. Call by Value, Call by Reference, and Call by Address in C++
  2. Pointers in C++
  3. Inline Function in C++
  4. Const Function and Object
  5. Exception Handling in C++
  6. Memory leak in C++
  7. Smart Pointers in C++
  8. Strong Reference Vs Weak Reference
  9. Custom Deleters


  1. What is STL?
  2. Vector in C++
  3. Template in C++


  1. Length of a string in C++
  2. Volatile Keyword
  3. Shallow Copy and Deep Copy