Learn Python Programming from examples. Here is the list of python programs with outputs which deals with various basic python concept like python statements, loops,  objects, OOP, function, decorators, etc.


  1. Armstrong Number
  2. Automorphic Number
  3. Perfect Number
  4. Reverse a Number
  5. Palindrome Number
  6. Neon Number
  7. Magic Number

Number Conversion

  1. Decimal to Binary
  2. Binary to Decimal
  3. Decimal to Octal
  4. Octal to Decimal
  5. Decimal to Hexadecimal
  6. Hexadecimal to Decimal
  7. Integer to Roman Numerals

Python String

  1. Palindrome String
  2. Sort Words in Dictionary Order
  3. Print nth Letter of Every Word in a String
  4. Check Whether two words are Anagram
  5. Count Palindrome Words in a Sentence
  6. Check If String Contains Substring
  7. Convert a Sentence to Pig Latin in Python
  8. Count Vowels and Consonants in a String
  9. Trim whitespaces from string

Python Set, List, Tuple, Dictionary

  1. Convert Set to List
  2. Convert Tuple to List
  3. Convert List to Tuple
  4. Sort Dictionary by Key or by Value
  5. Count the Frequency of Elements in a List

Mathematics, Series

  1. Add two Binary Numbers
  2. Count Number of Digits in a Number
  3. Sum of Digits in a Number
  4. Check Leap Year
  5. Factors of a Number
  6. GCD or HCF in Python
  7. LCM in Python
  8. Celsius to Fahrenheit & Vice versa
  9. Fibonacci Series
  10. Square Root of a Number
  11. Solve Quadratic Equation
  12. Factorial of a Number
  13. Print all Prime numbers in an Interval
  14. Matrix Addition
  15. Matrix Multiplication
  16. Transpose Matrix
  17. Number of Days Between two Dates
  18. Sum of Series [1+(1+2)+(1+2+3)+–+(1+2+3+–+n)]
  19. Sum of Series [1/1! + 1/2! + 1/3! +-+ 1/n!]

Python OOP Programs

  1. Create a Simple Calculator in Python
  2. Find Minimum and Maximum of Custom Objects
  3. Get the Class name of an Instance
  4. Delete Properties of an Object


  1. Check Your External IP Address using Python

Python Projects:

  1. Tic Tac Toe Game