Write a Program in Python to convert a decimal number into its corresponding octal representation.


Decimal to Octal


Convert Decimal to Octal in Python using Loop

The standard way to convert a decimal to octal is to divide the decimal by 8 until it reduces to 0. The remainders in the bottom-up form will give its equivalent octal value.


Convert Decimal to Octal in Python using Recursion

To convert decimal into octal using recursion we need to pass the quotient (dividend/8) to the next recursive call and print the remainder (dividend%8).

Since recursion implements stack so the remainder will be printed in a bottom-up manner.


Convert Decimal to Octal using oct()

Python inbuilt oct() method return the octal form of a passed number as a parameter.

It returns octal number in the form of 0oxxx, where xxx is the number form of octal representation.


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