Write a program in python to check whether a string is a palindrome string or not.


Input:  mom
Output: Palindrome

Input:  Malayalam
Output: Palindrome

Input:  Pencil
Output: Not Palindrome

To check palindrome string we need to follow the following steps.

  1. Input a String (str).
  2. Reverse the string (rev).
  3. Check if str == rev.
  4. If YES then the string is palindrome else not.

Before reversing the string we have to be sure that all the letters in the given string are in the same case (lowercase or uppercase) because if not then Mom would result into ‘Not Palindrome’.

Therefore we will first use inbuilt lower() to convert the string into the lowercase, then we will reverse the string and will compare it with the original string to check if its palindrome or not.

Let’s see the python source code.

str = input("Enter a string: ")

#convert string to lowercase
str = str.lower()

#reverse the string
rev = str[::-1]

if rev == str:
    print("Not Palindrome")

Output 1

Enter a string: mom

Output 2

Enter a string: pencil                                                                                                        
Not Palindrome

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