Python Program to Add two Binary numbers

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Problem: Write a program in Python to add two binary numbers and output the sum.

In Python, we can add two binary numbers using the following syntax:

sum = int(binary_1, 2) + int(binary_2, 2)

where binary_1 and binary_2 are two binary numbers in string format.

The int() function converts the string into an integer of the specified base. If we pass 2 as the second parameter to int(), we get the binary number as the return result.

The base of the binary number system is 2, whereas the base of the decimal number system is 10.

Here is an example of adding two binary numbers in Python:

binary_1 = '10010'
binary_2 = '11111'

sum = int(binary_1, 2) + int(binary_2, 2)
sum = bin(sum)




In the above example, we are converting the string formatted numbers into binary numbers and then adding them.

Since the addition in Python returns an integer of base 10 (i.e. decimal), we need to convert it to a base 2 number system (i.e. binary) using the bin() function.

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