Best Free and Paid Courses to Learn Python Online in 2022

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Python is the go-to language for data science, machine learning, and web development when it comes to programming. In fact, except for game development literally, you can do anything using python.

Python Features:

  • Python is open source.
  • It is high-level language i.e more human readable when compared to other languages such as Java.
  • Python has wide applications.
  • It is easy to code.
  • Preferred language for ML/AI.
  • Most importantly, it has large numbers of Standard Libraries which helps in acheiving more functionality with less code.

Also, If we see the Google Trend of Python compared to other languages, we observe that the demand for python is increasing but the language such as Java, PHP are at their declining phase.

Python Vs Java

So, if you are new to programming then it would be best for you to start your programming journey with Python.

Here my some best resources which I personally had used to learn Python.

  1. : Youtube Python Tutorial | Duration: 4 and half hour | Type: Free – This is the best resource on YouTube if you want to learn python from a single video. This crash course gives a full introduction to all the core concepts of python. I personally love free videos of freeCodeCamp. Don’t think twice if you are a beginner in Python and looking for some good tutorials of Python language.
  2. Programming with Mosh: Python for Beginners | Duration: 6 and half hours | Type: Free – This is another great comprehensive tutorial on Python that you can get for free in the whole internet. Mosh is an experienced guy in the IT field and has tremendous knowledge about programming languages. You will definitely love his style of teaching which makes things very simple to understand. Just go and watch his videos, I am sure you will end up subscribing his YouTube channel.
  3. Udemy: Learn Python Programming Masterclass | Duration: 56 hours | Type: Paid – I have become a fan of Tim Buchalka the day I bought his Java Udemy course. This python course from him is a masterpiece. I recommend this to you only when you are really serious about learning python in depth from beginner to advanced. The money spends on this course is worth it.python_course
  4. Udemy: The Python Mega Course: Build 10 Real World Applications | Duration: 25 hours | Type: Paid – If you are a guy like me who learns by building project then this course is for you. In the process, the instructor helps us in building a total of 10 projects which boost our confidence of using Python language. At the end of this course, you will have multiple projects in your hand to show them to your friend, family, and recruiters. Go and check out the ratings of the students before enrolling in the course.python course 2

There are thousands of resources available all over the internet for learning Python but I think 4 are enough to get a good grasp of the language.

I hope you will love these courses which I personally had used in my learning journey. Also paid course links are affiliate links, which means if you buy any course using the above link then I will be paid a small amount.

All the best. Keep learning.

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