Problem: Given an array, delete all duplicate elements from it in the C programming language.

Remove duplicates from array

The idea is to divide the array into unique and duplicate partitions by finding and shifting all duplicates to one side.

For this, we will compare each element of the array with all other elements that exist after its index value and if a match is found we will simply swap the duplicate element with the last element of the array (i.e. array [size-1]).

Shift duplicates to the right

Every time we do the swapping, we decrement the value of size by 1 to exclude the count of the duplicate values.

Here is the implementation of the approach in C:


Enter size of array
Enter 6 element in the array
1 3 2 2 4 3
Original Array
1 3 2 2 4 3
Filtered Array
1 3 2 4

Overall in the above program, we are basically transferring all duplicates to the right of the array and only printing the left part of it which has no duplicates.

In this programming example, we learned to remove duplicates elements from an array using the C programming language.

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