Problem: Write a C program to check whether the given number is Strong or not.

A strong Number is a number whose sum of the factorial of digits is equal to its original number, e.g 145.

Strong number example

Steps to Check Strong Number:

  1. Input a number.
  2. Calculate factorial of each of its digit and add them.
  3. If the sum is equal to the original number, then it’s a strong number else not.

Here is the implementation of the steps in C:


Strong number program in C

Print all Strong Numbers in the Interval

To do this we have to write the logic to check strong numbers in a separate function and then call that function for every number in the interval using for loop.


Strong numbers between 1 to 1000

In this tutorial, we learned to check a strong number in C. If you have any doubts share them in the comment section.

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