Summary: In this programming example, we will learn different ways to convert char* to string in C++.

In C++, char* and char array are almost identical (they both store reference), therefore we can easily convert a pointer into a string variable like we converted char array to a string.

Here are some of the methods using which we can convert a char* to string in C++:

Method 1: Using ‘=’ Operator

Since each character in the string has an index value, using the = operator we can assign every character of the char pointer array to their same corresponding index position in the string variable.


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Method 2: Using String Constructor

The inbuilt string constructor of the String class accepts the char pointer array as an argument that implicitly changes and assigns the argument to a string value.


Char Pointer

These are two simple ways we can use to convert a char pointer array into a string variable in the C++ programming language.

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